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Question – Join What?

So I over-analyze most things.  I can’t help it because I can’t turn my mind off.  Its always running – even in my sleep.  I am going to post a question here that I thought about this past Wednesday night while listening to the 789 youth pastor give his sermon to the 7-12 graders at Ground Zero.

The premise of the sermon was to join God where He is working.  It was based on the lesson of Jonathan attacking the Philistine garrison while his father slept under a tree.  You can read about it in the 14th chapter of 1 Samuel.

My experience has led me to believe that the majority of people that I come in contact with inside of a church building do not have the ability to voice their understanding of the relationship that they have with God.  That is not a criticism – it is just a statement of my experience and may not reflect the true situation.

As it is my perception, this is the question that was going through my mind, “How do we invite people to action, specifically, to join a God in His kingdom work when they haven’t spent the time getting to know Him?”

Want to put my question to the test?  Think of your closest friend on this earth.  Can you describe them in great detail – what makes them happy, or sad, what makes them come alive or what makes them mad?  Would you know how to surprise them with a special gift or action?  Can you describe what they mean to you?

Probably not hard, huh…

Now do the same thing with God if you are a person who claims a relationship with Him.  Is it easier or harder than doing so with your friend?

I am still mulling over my question.  You can help me with any feedback that you have on the subject.

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