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Wearing Hats

cowboyhardhatsWe all do it.  Hat juggling.  Take off the daddy hat to put on the worker hat.  Take off the husband hat and put on the son hat.  Take off the student hat in order to put on the teacher hat.  It all works great until you have to wear several of them at the same time.

Those times cause the head to get heavy and the shoulders to bow.

There are times that I wish I still had the Suzuki 650 that I bought when I was 18.  I can remember hopping on it, throwing on a pair of sun glasses, and heading out to the country side for a leisurely ride… without a helmet.  There was something ‘free’ about the wind whipping across my unprotected head.  It was dangerous but it was also invigorating.

There are times in my adulthood that I feel like the pope looks in his big ol’ hat.  Measured, labeled, cornered… artificial.  Why can’t I find just one hat that brings all the different aspects of me together?  Or maybe, why can’t I just take off the hats and live life dangerously and invigorated?

Oh, that’s right.  Society doesn’t accept that person.  You need your hat so that they know what they are dealing with…to make sure that you are safe.

  1. February 24, 2009 at 6:25 pm

    Hats give me head acne.

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