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Tozer on the Holy Spirit

I am reading Tozer’s book on the Mystery of the Holy Spirit and right from the start he puts a 2×4 right between the eyes of the reader.  I would like to hear what you think about the following excerpt from his book… keep in mind that these writings are almost a half century old.

For one, the fellowship of the Church has degenerated into a social fellowship with a mild religious flavor.  For me, either I want God or I do not want anything at all to do with religion.  I could never get interested in some old maids social club, with a little bit of Christianity thrown in to give it respectability.  Either I want it all or I do not want any.  I want God or I am perfectly happy to go out and be something else.  I think the Lord had something  like that in mind when He said, “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot,” (Revelation 3:15 KJV).

Another result of the failure to honor the Holy Ghost is that so many non-spiritual, un-spiritual and anti-spiritual features have been brought into the church.  The average church could not run on a hymnbook and a Bible.  The church started out with a Bible and then developed a hymnbook, and for years, that was enough.  Now, some people could not serve God without at least one van load of equipment to keep them happy.  All this attraction to win people and keep them coming may be fine, it may be elevated, it may be cheap, it may be degrading, it may be coarse, it may be artistic; but it all depends on who is running the show.  Because the Holy Spirit is not the center of attraction, and the Lord is not the one in charge, we must bring in all sorts of anti-scriptural and un-scriptural claptrap to keep the people happy and keep them coming.

The horrible part is not so much that this is true, but that it needs to be at all.  The great woe is not the presence of religious toys and trifles, but the necessity for them because the presence of the Eternal Spirit is not in our midst.  The tragedy and woe of the hour is trying to make up for His absence by doing these things to keep our own spirits up.

So let me ask you, is His word enough to attract you to a gathering of the church?  Are we moved emotionally or spiritually by the activities of the ‘church’?

More importantly, what is the role of the Holy Spirit in your life?

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