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The New Testament

I twittered a question about what people feel the New Testament is about besides Christ.  Got one response.  My twitter updates my facebook status, no response there as of this morning.

Maybe its not an interesting question.

I want to capture my thoughts about what I have been thinking on the New Testament:

It IS about Christ

The Gospels capture the realization of God’s promise to send a Messiah to His people.  They also capture His teachings, His example on how to Disciple, His ability to interact with people on their level, His death, and His resurrection.

Skip to Revelation and we see the triumphant Christ who is Lord and Groom to His church.

What happens between the Gospels and Revelation?

  • The Holy Spirit enters the scene in a new and vibrant way
  • Start of the church
  • Missional outreach beyond the chosen people
  • Letter after Letter records instruction on Christian growth AND church growth (not in numbers but in spirit)

It is still Christ-centered but specifically it is about addressing the How and the How-not of this new Christian paradigm.   If they had to address these issues, shouldn’t we be all the more attentive to these instructions as we are 2000 years removed from the source?

Personally, I need to give the New Testament a 2nd chance – a greater level of study to understand and measure my walk against God’s desires for my life.  I need to stop being lazy when it comes to knowing God through the incarnation of Himself through the Father, Son, and Spirit.  I need to stop making excuses that ‘things are different now’ and so we have to adjust God’s will to our present circumstances.  I need to stop using my own ‘common-sense wisdom’ in place of His desires.

Basically, I need to Start knowing Him more deeply.

  1. bub
    March 4, 2009 at 8:25 pm

    Glad to find you again, Tony. Hope you are doing well, trying to catch up here on the new blog!

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