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Concerts Not Always About The Music

My eldest daughter took me to a concert last night.  Well, ok… I took her but she was the one who was SUPER excited about going.  She loves music and especially loves seeing the bands in person because as she says, “I can put a face with the music”.


We went to the Rock & Worship Roadshow concert that came through Columbus last night.  It was $10 at the door with general seating and here is who we saw:

  • Tenth Avenue North – These young men were totally cool.  I could understand their lyrics and they were spiritually mature in the message that they were presenting.
  • Hawk Nelson – This will make some people mad but I just didn’t get them.  I couldn’t understand what they were saying and their didn’t seem to be a rhyme or reason to the mix of music they played.  Maybe I am getting old.
  • Jeremy Camp – The dude outright worshiped his creator on stage last night.  It was Awesome.  His testimony and message were right on and his music is great to listen to.
  • Mercy Me – you kidding me?  $10 gives me Jeremy Camp AND Mercy Me?  Unbelievably – yes! I love their music and they highlighted some old ones and new ones while wrapping it around the message of why we were there last night – to glorify God through music.  Bart’s message was totally cool because he called out our modern process for salvation as being shortsighted (create a feeling, call everyone forward, say a prayer, you’re in the club) because it doesn’t bring to bear the total impact of a life for Christ.  He told the audience that he hoped when the day came for us to breathe our last breath, that we would be closer to Christ than we had been when we began.  He was speaking about Sanctification and the music theme backed up the message.

This was a three hour concert that my daughter and I shared together for $10 a piece… and, oh by-the-way, picked up a combo cd and dvd from Mercy Me for $5.  You say, “No way!”… I respond, “Way!!”

I want to recount one story of the night.  When I was situating Lauren in the Wheelchair Seating Area, I had the chance to talk to a young man that was in the same section.  He was able bodied but he had come as a companion to a female friend who was in a wheelchair.  I ‘strook’ up a conversation with him because he ‘looked’ interesting and because I like to talk to people.

He was wearing a black cowboy hat which isn’t strange in Texas but a little different in Ohio.  He wore earrings and his facial hair was immaculately groomed.  If I had to describe his attire and look I would call it Texas Metro sexual.  By the way… look up the word before you make an assumption.  I don’t know what his orientation was and it didn’t matter – he was another person there to see the concert.

As we talked he told me this, “I am dying of AIDS.”  And then we spoke about what brought him to the concert.  He had never seen Jeremy Camp or Mercy Me in concert and had wanted to see them while he had a chance.  We talked about the songs that Jeremy and Bart sang that we both enjoyed and he began to weep when he talked about “Bring the Rain”.  But we didn’t stop talking about the songs we enjoyed.  I mentioned that I had seen Mercy Me in concert before and they had sang When You Spoke My Name.  The young man began to weep more but not in a sorrowful way… but in a freed way.  That may not make sense unless you have seen it.  Read these words from that song.

When I first spoke Your name
I used it like a blade
Cutting sharp a mask to hide the pain
When I first spoke Your name

When I next spoke Your name
I could no longer bear the weight
Of years hiding behind the ache
When I next spoke Your name

But when You spoke my name
Oh I swear the angels sang
Peace came and stole my shame
When You spoke my name

Now when I speak Your name
I sing it like a sweet refrain
I have found a peace I can’t explain
When I speak Your name

Cause when You spoke my name
Oh I swear the angels sang
Peace came and stole my shame
When You spoke my name

I can hardly speak
Knowing You know me
Thank God I’m free

Now my world has completely come undone
For I can hear the Son
Calling out to me

Cause when You spoke my name
Oh I swear the angels sang
Peace came and stole my shame

When You spoke my name
Oh I swear the angels sang
Peace came and stole my shame
When You spoke my name

You never know what is going to happen at a concert.  I was there to enjoy a night with my daughter but I was also engrossed watching this young man respond to the music and the message.

I believe he was free.

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