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Fifth Friday Feeding Frenzy

This January is a cool month.

Because it has 5 Fridays in it.

No, I don’t get an extra paycheck (that would be a cool if it were so).  It’s because there is no one signed up to feed the kids at the Hope mission for the months that have a fifth Friday.   That gives my family an opportunity to serve twice in one month.  With hectic schedules, it’s not always easy and there are times that we are tired from running ragged all week and would be tempted to just stay home and rest, but then, we think of the kids.

No, they are not from a third world country.  No, they are not starving to death.

But, yes, they need to see the love of Jesus impact their community.  They need to see God’s people share their blessings with them because then they will be able to accept a message about a God that stepped out of heaven to show them the greatest love.

What we have does not truly belong to us.  God has blessed my family so that we can bless others.

What they don’t know is that they are a blessing in our lives.  It’s not about a “I-feel-good-because-I-did-good” blessing.

No… it’s a real blessing.

They have let us be a part of their lives for just a short time each week.  They have trusted us to prepare food and to feed them.  It’s a blessing for what they have done for us instead of what we had thought to do for them.

We connect and become a part of their community.

Yeah, tonight we will feed them but in turn we will be fed as well because we will each share with the other out of the abundance of what we have.

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  1. randy morgan
    January 30, 2010 at 3:41 pm

    hey, tony~

    we will definitely have to hook up if you are coming through oklahoma. i would love to have you guys spend the night with us, or at least we could share a meal. anyway, let me know about tentative dates and keep me updated as the hour draweth nigh and we’ll plan to help you along your way. selah.

    • January 31, 2010 at 5:53 am

      Thanks Randy.

      Our plans, at least at this moment, are to be passing within a stone’s throw of Moore, Oklahoma in later half of June. Not sure of exact dates as we are thinking we may be on the homeward part of the loop when we are passing through, but we may switch that up and make it the outward jaunt if we find that it fits our schedule better.

      I will keep you posted.

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