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Nudiustertian – Not just for adults

I am angry with adults!

Certain adults to be exact.  Those adults who were involved with my upbringing and were responsible for my learning vocabulary.  How could they completely ignore the importance of such a great word as Nudiustertian? I have had to wait until I am nearly 40 years of age to discover its awesomeness.

But have no fear.  I have every intention of making our younger generations aware of this finding so that they don’t have to live with the poverty of word skill that I had to suffer.  I will, following the posting of this public service announcement, make posts to Twitter and Facebook in order to get the word out… literally.  Today is a day that we will take a stand for nudiustertian and its benefits for all generations – its not just for adults anymore!!

No longer will we have to use 7 syllables to refer to ‘the day before yesterday‘ (You totally just counted the syllables on your fingers for that last phrase – didn’t you!) We can now save 2 syllables and sound more sophisticated in the process by just replacing that simple phrase with just one word.  Another not so well known fact is that in writing, you will save the scribing of 8 WHOLE LETTERS! My Gosh People, we could have saved the country HUNDREDS of dollars (and probably some cents too)  in the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome by simply being aware of this most utilitarian of words.

So will you help me?  Can we make this happen?  YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN! (For some reason I am having strange flashbacks of posters lifted in the sky and glitter and balloons falling).

Join me today in the education of our youth.  The word of the day is nudiustertian – Spread the Word!

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