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What a Wonderful World

Sorry I haven’t been keeping you all posted on our trip out west.  Internet access has been spotty at best and we have had plenty to keep us busy.

We are now in Yellowstone after spending 3 days in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  We had a blast there.  I think the highlight of that stay was renting an ATV and taking the family ‘mudding’ through the trails of the National Forest.  You can find pictures on my Facebook page.  I would load them here but it has been an ordeal getting the few loaded to Facebook that I have been able to manage.

Yesterday we spent the day driving the south loop of the Yellowstone forest and we were blown away by the geysers, Old Faithful, Yellowstone Lake, animal sightings, and, of course, the lower falls view.  We have posted pictures of those spots to my Facebook page as well.  There is a one picture of a  bison walking up the road right next to our van.  That was an exciting moment for the kids.

To say that Yellowstone is breathtaking is an understatement.  For me to describe it to you or to even show you pictures would not do it justice.  You have to experience it for yourself.  To stand beside a lake at 7,000 feet of altitude and be surrounded by snow-capped peaks is just something that fails to be described by words.

We have a couple of more days here and then we start heading south toward the Grand Canyon.  I will keep you posted as I am able.

God bless.

  1. Amy
    June 19, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    Glad you are enjoying the roadcation! One thing for sure, I have absolutely no doubt that there is indescribable beauty fashioned by the hands of our Creator! Sounds like a trip we are going to have to make someday…

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