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While I am Driving

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I have about a 30 – 45 minute commute to and from work each day.  It gives me time to think.  Sometimes I do some heavy thinking like today.

I thought it might be fun to share some of my insanity with you happy people, so here are my top 3 thoughts from today’s trip home:

  • American religiosity runs the danger of raising the banner of, “Look what we did FOR God”, instead of allowing God to work through His people in His way, manner, and timing.  I find this to be a troubling indictment in light of scripture where those who thought they were saved for doing works in Christ’s name are turned away for Christ never having known them.
  • Do we sometimes want to hold in higher esteem those that came before us as being more holy and righteous because we believe the world is more broken now that it was then? In my thoughts, I explored the idea that the world is no more broken now than it was just moments following Adam and Eve’s rejection of God’s sovereignty in their lives.  There may be more ugliness(evil) than other periods in history but the brokenness was complete and total once sin entered into creation. Much like plucking a petal from a flower breaks it completely from what it once was a part of.  If the petal is wadded up and torn, it may be less recognizable for what it once was but it is still equally broken in that no matter its condition, from pristine to total destruction, it can never be part of the flower again.  So, in my thoughts, brokenness can be separated from the perception of utility which can be correlated to our present condition within the church body.  We are no more or less broken than those who came before us but we may be a little worse for wear in the perception of utility.  While Christ is the answer for the brokenness, how we respond to that ‘good news’ has much to do with how the Christian church is perceived.  In other words, if we appear to be less holy or righteous than those who came before, it is not the fault of the state of the world (brokenness) but the state of our response to the redeemer (utility or obedience).  This can cause an inappropriate response to want to mimic those that came before (tradition) in order to preserve what we perceive to be their righteousness/piety/holiness instead of listening to the Spirit’s leading in this present reality.
  • Finally, I thought about how our messed up perceptions can blind us to some simple truths from scripture because we make interpretations from preconceived beliefs.  Our motivations for what we practice as faith are more about how we desire to respond to God than they are His.  This thought was birthed from my study of Matthew 25 and I will elaborate further once we have completed the upcoming Guest Blogger series.

OK. Now that I have completely bored you with my thoughts while driving, what do you think on while commuting to work, school, or play?

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