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Birds Of A Feather

I am standing in line, somewhat patiently, as I wait to purchase the cup of ice and bottle of tea that will wash down the lunch I packed.  I notice the young lady with the long blond hair as she exits the line of a different register and joins another young lady with long brunette hair.

They are both well dressed in business attire but not so much that they look stodgy or more mature than their years.  Their attire speaks of young and preppy business women.  While their hair is of different shades, they wear it in similar styles: pulled back behind the head into some form of band or tasteful scrunchy which then allows the majority of their long hair to cascade down their backs.  Simply put, they are beautiful.  My guess is that my eye is not the only one that has been caught by these two.

The thought crosses my mind that ‘birds of a feather flock together’ because they are remarkably alike in dress and poise and at the same time beautifully different.  My guess is that to be part of their circle of friends, one would need to be equally impressive in appearance.

Let’s face it. The beautiful hang around with beautiful while the ugly hang around with the ugly. Birds of a feather.

As I am standing there considering this thought, I start to roll through the faces of my flock.  Great! Now I have a flocking idea of which feather I belong to.

Can turkeys fly?


Note: This post is a feeble attempt at humor.  None of my ugly homely friends have been hurt in the production of this post. At least the ones who haven’t read it, haven’t been hurt… yet.  Oh.. what a sad, sad day for us turkeys.


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  1. August 19, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    i don’t try to hang out with people who are the same level of beautiful as me. rather i try to spend time with those who are not blessed in the looks department. i’d like to say it’s because of my faith, but really i just think it makes me look better in pictures…

    and i’ve seen turkeys fly on several occasions.

    • August 19, 2010 at 3:08 pm

      Ha.. so your are one of those!!

      I almost wrote a little into this post about the ‘odd bird’ who likes to stand out from the group he flocks with.

      This is great! 🙂

      You know it is only those ‘wild’ turkeys that fly, right? Once we get domesticated, we lose our ability to soar. Oh what a sad predicament. 😦

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