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More, again, please!

October 11, 2011 6 comments

Recently, I found myself recalling a time when my eldest daughter was just about a year old and my wife was feeding her cantaloupe.  My daughter was enjoying the fruit so much that she became upset when a piece fell from the fork and landed on the floor instead of making it into her mouth.

She began to wail incessantly.  My wife and I found the situation hysterical because our daughter had never shown this type of passion for food in her short life.  We also understood something that she didn’t – we had more cantaloupe to give her.  The piece on the floor was not the last piece.

During my recollection, I found myself desiring to hold the 1 year old daughter from my memory once again.  As I thought about this desire, I became aware of a distinction between wanting to hold her more and hold her again.

The word more seemed to communicate that there had been a lack of something that needed to be filled while the word again seemed to communicate a desire to celebrate something that had been a joy to experience in the past.

Some examples may drive these concepts home:

  • “I wish I had more money… “
  • “I would like to visit Disney world again…”
  • “Can I have more cheese on my spaghetti…”
  • “Daddy, throw me in the air again…”

My desire to hold my daughter in my past was not born from a regret that I had not held her enough at that time in our lives, but instead it was the celebration of how wonderful it had been to experience those moments when she had been small enough to fit in my arms and rest there comfortably.

Our lives are full of moments that we feel lack or the need for more.  But they are also full of moments that we can look forward to the ‘agains’.

What are some things that you are looking to celebrate? What would you like to do again?  These seem to be positive questions.  And while noticing a lack of something can be negative, it can also be an opportunity to realize more. I have found that in Christ I can have abundantly more.  That is something that I can celebrate again and again.

So what do you find yourself wanting to do again?