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God Loves Haiti

January 14, 2010 4 comments

In times of devastation, catastrophe, plague, or pestilence, there is a question raised from humanity’s lips -“Why?”  That question comes in many forms:

  • If God exists, then why doesn’t He intervene?
  • If God is loving, why does He punish the innocent?
  • Why did God do this?

No one has the ultimate answer to those questions.  Hopefully, we are not so arrogant to presume to know exactly how God is working through this circumstance.  Those of us who believe in the character that God has portrayed about Himself  in His Word, have faith that He is at work in many ways through each person who is somehow touched by this event.

  • Some will know complete devastation
  • Some will know the loss of family and friends
  • Some will know a life forever changed by injury
  • Some will lose trust in their fellow man
  • Some will worry about what is going to happen next

And yet, there will be:

  • Some who experience the love of a stranger
  • Some who will be blessed
  • Some who will be a blessing to someone else in their time of need
  • Some who will see God for the first time

So many ways that people will impact or be impacted through this circumstance.  And that is all that it is – a circumstance.  I don’t mean to belittle the Haitian plight by no means.  There is real hurt there.  There is real loss there.  There is a real NEED there.  But still it is a circumstance… and God is bigger than any circumstance.  In fact, I would surmise that circumstances are one of His tools to point us back to Himself.

The greatest need in Haiti right now is God.  And whether you are in one of the camps that believes God orchestrated this event or that He allowed it or that He had nothing to do with it, it’s not something worth arguing about.  Listening to the radio this morning I was surprised by the comments coming out from Pat Robertson, but I was equally surprised by the counter attack from those that responded to his comment.

People were getting caught up in the philosophy of the moment and forgot the reality.  Haiti needs God because God is bigger than this circumstance.  They need all of God… not just the parts we want to assign.  What do I mean by that?

  • Some want to assign God’s judgment to the situation
  • Some want to see God’s love show up through the kindness of strangers
  • Some want to see God’s providence at work following the aftermath
  • Some want to see God’s grace at work in the lives impacted by this tragedy

I could go on but you get the point.  And I am saying that we need all of God to be present there and that includes judgment, love, providence, grace and any of the other aspects of God that you would like to include.

But I would put this to the question – weren’t all those aspects at work in Haiti before AND during the earthquake?  I don’t believe that God is a ‘Johnny-come-lately’ to the island of Haiti.  I do believe that He can and will use this circumstance for His glory in more ways than we can enumerate.

God loves Haiti.  Pray for the country, pray for the people, pray for the aid that is on the way.  But also be kingdom bringers and donate, go if you can, contact the Red Cross and see if there is a way to help.

God is bigger than this circumstance.  And if I were to lapse somewhat into philosophy or theology, I would say this – what we see in the physical concerning the devastation in Haiti cannot compare to the spiritual condition of much of the world.  Maybe God wants us to understand that as well.

Haiti needs Him in more than one way.

They need all of God.