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Jealous in a good way

June 9, 2009 4 comments

I have watched this video more times than I count.  You may have watched it before, as well, but take a gander again and see if you aren’t jealous in a good way over Lockridge’s ability to describe his Lord and King.

Could you describe Christ like that to someone who wanted to know why you follow Him?

Makes me jealous in a good way.


Yes… In our backyard

April 30, 2009 1 comment

I think that we forget sometimes that missions is an every moment, every where, every person kind of thing.  Its easy to forget it especially when we are overwhelmed by conditions that we see our foreign workers facing that seem so alien to our comfortable existence.

Nearly a year ago, my family got involved with an inner city children’s ministry that involved helping them conduct worship for the children and feeding them a warm, nutritious meal.

Last fall a group of our teens were working with one of our church families to start a similar ministry on the other side of the inner city.  I taped our prayer walk around the new neighborhood and spliced in some footage at the end of  us working with the kids at the existing ministry.  You will also meet Bill who lives among the homeless helping them get some much needed supplies.

Please forgive the graininess of the video – I had technical difficulties with YouTube.

As you can see, missions for the impoverished can happen in our own back yards.  My family goes down every month and we have invited members of our adult Bible Fellowship class to join us.  We have been blown away by the response that we have received from our church family to this need.

Where are you doing church?

Tenth Avenue North

April 28, 2009 7 comments

I heard this band recently and was really impressed with their message and maturity.

Take a listen to the words.

Do you ever find yourself trying to earn grace?

You’re a Walking Contradiction

April 1, 2009 3 comments

The title of this post comes from a line in the following video.  I have referred to this video before but was reminded of it as I am preparing to teach this weekend on how wives and husbands are to relate to one another from a biblical viewpoint.

Here are some lyrics to a song that I think also explains something about the ‘Walking Contradiction’.

Here we go again,
hurting each other for no reason
wondering why we keep committing the same mistakes.
Sometimes I’m feeling
that it’s more than just illusion
Tell me why we keep pretending
Are we so scared of give and take?

Why do we always hurt the ones we love?
Just when it seems we’ve finally made it through
Why can’t we fly between the eagle and the dove?
Why do we always hurt the ones we love?


When you cry, the tears were falling like raindrops
From my eyes…why do we do hurt each other?
Tell me why we shouldn’t try, are there some things we didin’t share?
Why do I see you walking out right w/ me,
I see you standing here?

Isn’t it amazing that we can see a reflection of the Christian experience, the good and the bad aspects, in the marital relationship?  I may come back to this post to flesh it out more as I have time later today… actually, I think I have to but I have some more thinking to do on it first.  I welcome your input.