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April 20, 2011 3 comments


Back in January I went through a period of dealing with kidney stones.  Docs had me try to pass it naturally the first couple of weeks and eventually went after it via surgery and couldn’t see it.  I spent 5 days on the mend only to find out that it went back to the same place it was stuck before the surgery.  I switched doctors and tried some new medicines and it eventually passed.  I have to tell you that those were three long weeks that I hope to never repeat.

Since then I have been trying to catch up with life – work, family, and other responsibilities.  It seems I have very little time to write anymore but I am trying to work on that.  I am hoping by summer to have more freedom in my ‘non-work’ hours.

Some fun things to mention:

  • My wife and I have started a small study group on Sunday nights and we are working through the book of Ruth.  What a great study.  I had begun a similar study about 18 months back but didn’t get to finish it so I am looking forward to getting through the whole book this go around.
  • I have been working with the youth pastor of the church we have been attending since September to try to start a youth study on Sunday mornings.  Could use your prayers over this as starting anything new can take time.
  • I continue to meet with a group of men on Wednesday evenings.  It is such an encouragement to see where some of the guys are now compared to where they were just a year ago.  God is at work and having the ability to look back and see what He has been accomplishing is such a blessing.

So.. be patient with me as I get my feet under me from a time standpoint and I will finish the series about my daughter’s birth and move on to some other fun things to discuss.

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